Lead Generation

Our approach to Lead Generation is an intelligent one! Many large call centres have a huge team of people, play a numbers game and use very strict scripts to generate a high volume of low quality leads.


At Optimise, it is different, we take time to understand our clients business, who they want to target and instil an intelligent approach to generate high quality leads. Optimise have a proven methodology that we know works and will get the results you need in the right way! 


There are 3 key areas to succesful Lead Generation:



Optimise understand who your ideal client is and ensure we have the correct data set before we even pick up a phone. We can either purchase a new data set for you, or work with a data set that you have. Data is the key to success and it doesn't matter how good our team are on the phone, if we are calling the wrong types of companies or calling out of date data then we will not be succesful.


See our Data Services Section - Click Here - Data Services



At Optimise we use a Call Approach, not a script, this allows us to be more conversational and ask the right questions, listen to the answers and respond accordingly, therefore truly understanding your prospects situation and be 100% sure if there is a valid opportunity or not. If there is then our skilled Agents will recognise this and generate a well qualified lead for you. Therefore more conversational and intelligent!!



Optimise are an extension of your business and represent you, therefore it is essential that we have a close relationship with you. We would carry out a briefing at our offices, you meet the Agents and be part of the on boarding process. By working in this way means we can only be succesful for you!

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