Event Sign Ups

Optimise work with Clients in a number of different ways to help support their Events. This covers everything from nurturing current contacts and introducing events to known contacts, to calling cold to introduce new events and gain sign ups, this includes:


Warm Event Recruitment

Calling warm and known prospects that have either been to an event before or engaged with the Client in some way, this is a friendly and warm approach to engage with the contact. This needs to be approached in the right way to maintain the relationship that is already in place.


The aim is to understand if they have an interest in the Event and available to attend, if so then we walk them through the sign up process and confirm attendance. In most cases Optimise also call a few days before the Event to confirm that they will still be attending. 


Event Follow Ups

Following an Event we will call through the delegate list to gain feedback with regards to the Event, again this is a soft and friendly approach, if there is further interest and an opportunity to develop this in to a Sales Lead for the Sales Team then this is qualified and passed to Sales.


If not the contact is added back in to a nburture pot and kept up to date with future events.


Cold Delegate Sales

This approach is combined with our traditional Lead Generation process, to call cold and pre identified potential companies and contacts that may have an interest in the specified Events. This includes, indentifying the right Decision Maker, Introducing the Event, undertsanding the level of interest and gaining a sign up if appropiate.

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