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Since the changes in legislation, the way you store, use and manage data has changed. Many companies have purged all legacy data from their systems and have started fresh. Sometimes purchasing new data sets can be tricky because the number of companies and contacts available that have the required GDPR Compliance, are very limited.


There has been a big shift to hand building targeted data sets, this breaks down in to 3 areas or a combination of all 3:


List Build


If all you have is a list of Target Accounts, with a company name and nothing else, then this is the starting point. We will take that list and through web and desk research we will work through the Target Accounts and complete the following:

  • Confirm the Company still exists
  • Get new details if changed or merged or part of a group
  • Populate Head Office Address & Phone
  • Confirm Industry - Web URL and any other important information


Contact Discovery


If you have a list with all of the company information or we have been through the above list build then we will add the target contacts you require. Once provided with the relevant Job Titles and Job Functions, we then complete the following:

  • Desk & Web Research to identify relevant contacts and add them to the database
  • Append the location at which they are based and update address if required


Contact Validation - GDPR Compliance


If you have a list with the companies and the contacts then we can run through a validation process and gain GDPR Compliance, or if we have completed the above then we would complete the following:

  • Telephone Call - Validate the Contact Information
  • Add any further contacts that we don't have
  • Remove any contacts that have left or no longer exist
  • Confirm Marketing Preferences over the phone and confirm the 'Lawful Basis" under GDPR

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