Data Acquisition

We can purchase data for you, we take the time to understand the exact type and size of organisation that you want to target. We have an in depth data briefing document that will ask you all the questions you need to be asked to really understand who you want to target and where they are based.


Once we have this, we will match your requirement with the provider/s that we feel are the best suited to what you need, we will generate counts and the various options available and provide these back to you with a cost for the purchase or lease of the data depending upon how long you need it for.


If you need specific contacts, job titles and named email addresses, this is possible but quantity available can be limited depending upon the sector you are looking to target. This would need to be discussed in more detail and you can rely on our extensive experience to make sure you get what you need.


We can purchase data in all countries across the globe so if you have new markets that you want to target then we can help to achieve that.


Below are some example criteria for data purchase:


  • Country
  • Region
  • Town
  • SIC Code
  • Employee Size
  • Turnover Band
  • Job Title
  • Single Site/Multiple Site/Branches
  • UK & European Locations

We also have access to modelled data, this will allow us to look at companies that may have specific metrics for example:


  • Number of Fixed Phone Lines
  • Number of Mobile Handsets
  • Number of PC/Laptop Users
  • Users of particular Hardware & Software/It Infrastructures
  • Specific IT Resellers

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