Account Profiling

If you sell in to niche or unique industries or need more detailed information about your prospective target accounts, then our more in depth Account/Company Profiling is what you need.


How this works depends upon your exact requirements and quite often is a bespoke solution unique to each client. The main aim is to, either build a new specific dataset, add the correct and relevant Contacts based on specific Job Titles or Functions or append and validate a legacy dataset that you may already have. This is completed by a combination of desk research and telephone validation.


As part of the process we can gather or add certain levels of intelligence or information based on exactly what you need to know, this could include:


  • Types of Products or Solution they already use or have in place.
  • Contract Renewal Dates
  • Decision Making Processes
  • Current Pains/Problems
  • Any other key business information


The aim is to complete a comprehensive intelligent Dataset that arms you or your sales team with vital information to help them open the door when targeting key accounts. This allows your sales team to be doing what they are good at - Selling!



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