Appointment Setting

Your Sales Team should be doing what they do best, Selling! Sales people don't want to be doing the leg work, gaining contact names, making cold calls and qualifying opportunities. Therefore Optimise will do the leg work for you, using our proven methodology and intelligent non scripted approach, we will target the exact types of businesses that you want to be sitting in front of.


We will engage the prospects with an intelligent conversation, ask questions, listen to the answers and really understand what they are currently doing, how they do it and if there is an interest in your offering. Once qualified and we have established a need then we will book an appropiate time for your sales person to go and meet with them or have an initial Telephone Appointment.


The outcome can be geared to your exact needs, qualification can be pre agreed and the process for the physical booking of the Appointment made as easy as possible. We can support with diary management so your Sales Teams time is being manged as efficiently as possible.

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